At The Laundry we specialize in creating digital content in the form of commercial videos for sales tools and marketing assets. Our digital team supports design and marketing teams with content creation, video storyboarding and direction. We have worked collaboratively with graphic designers, marketers, advertising executives, creative strategists, marketing managers and sales reps to bring our clients' vision to life. Whether it's on location or in-studio, our team will co-ordinate with you to achieve above average results.



In a rapidly changing world, The Laundry is equipped to bring your brand to new channels and fresh audiences. Our digital team will work with you to uncover the best strategies for your unique needs. Our brand marketing and promotional multimedia services include video and sound editing, product and service videos, event videos, and corporate promotion spots. The digital landscape is shifting from one where marketers utilize mass media to speak at consumers, to one where they are effectively part of the crowd themselves. If you tug on the right emotions your brand heat video can do all the talking for you.



The motion graphics team is an essential part of our multimedia team, and are involved in almost every stop of the creative process from conceptualization to storyboard planning and video editing. The Laundry creates complex graphics for a wide range of channels including smart phones, web, television and social media. We are also capable of title sequences and post-production work, as well as animated illustrations, multimedia campaigns and whatever promotional ideas your marketing team dreams up.



The Laundry is versed in all stages of music video production: pre-production, production (filming), editing and post-production. We work with our clients to define the audience, create scripts, choose wardrobes and scout locations. Any production can be creative but the most successful ones begin with considerable planning. When filming begins we are constantly assessing footage to ensure it is in sync with the genre and the original storyboard ideas. Filming can happen on-location, or in-studio. In post-production, we slice raw footage and turn it into a story which flows and engages the audience. We polish the existing content with visual effects, motion graphics, and sound editing until we reach the desired outcome.

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