Catalogue design in its printed form plays a very important role in branding, as well as grooming a brand's corporate image. With a proper catalogue, annual report, brochure or direct mailer a company’s marketing toolkit can look incomplete. We believe in putting our clients' best foot forward so their product or service can generate revenue and drive sales. Our network of printers and paper reps ensure a professional product that speaks to our clients' unique visions and brands.



Building corporate identities is one of our passions. When embarking on these projects, it is our primary task to maintain and build this identity in accordance to a brand's unique beliefs and ideologies. Visually, a logo is a brand's first impression on the rest of the world, and must work across multiple channels such as printed collateral, packaging, web, and social media. Whether our clients are starting a new idea or reinventing a well-established brand, The Laundry is ready to lend our professional expertise.



Although web design has a fairly recent history, it is hard to image a well-known brand, company or service existing without an online presence. It has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. Our digital team works to create polished and professional websites that are clean, clear and engaging. Usability determines the success or failure of a site, since the visitor is the one in charge of clicking the mouse and making decisions. For this reason, creating user-centric interfaces is the heart of our design philosophy for successful and profit-oriented web design.



Information design is all around us, and today's consumer is bombarded with data. The ability to lay out information in a clear and concise way engages readers and promotes interaction. Information design specifically focuses on 'data overload'—by representing the information in a simplified, coherent and visually pleasing manner. Unifying complex data with intuitive design is becoming more appreciated in our busy world. When done correctly, info graphics connect many complex details to tell bigger, clearer stories.

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