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The studio stayed true to the brand's core beliefs and worked closely with a team of professional freeskiers to create a truly technical riding experience. We travelled to Asia and challenged vendors, fabric mills and partners to pioneer innovative fabrics, finishes and trims that were environmentally-friendly with a low carbon footprint. The women's styles for this season were as much at home on the mountain as on the street. The studio draw inspiration for the women's product from  fashion accessories: luxury handbags, shoes, and watches. Gold-finish YKK® waterproof zippers added a touch of luxury.





After two years at retail, men's freeski brand Eira™ was becoming known for its over-the-top digital textile designs, bold colours, and fresh trims. The 2015 season offered a new product offering: a women's line of technical outerwear to compliment the men's line. It also had to stay true to one fundamental brand principle: sustainability. The brand was determined to protect the mountains and landscape, and the entire Eira™ family was committed to the guardianship of this natural world, without sacrificing product.

For this Eira™ season, we remained committed to sourcing environmentally-friendly fabrics across all levels of product. The fabrics featured in the Eira™ technical outerwear were meticulously chosen by our team to keep the rider warm and dry with a clear conscience. We focus on maximum warmth and minimal bulk, to keep the rider as comfortable in their gear on-hill as in the city.

The Laundry selects only top-of-the-line technologies as the standard on which our products are built. All of the fabrics this season featured 20,000/20,000 waterproofing and breathability. This meant that when the rider is shredding hard on the hill, perspiration and vapour will escape the fabric so they won’t overheat—without allowing any rain or snow to enter.

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