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We decided to put the emphasis directly on the outstanding product itself, as well as the personalities of the athletes wearing them. With this idea in mind (and with our limited budget) we sourced an old photo booth and shot the entire catalogue inside its tiny walls. The result was an array of pictures more animated and energetic than one would ever achieve in studio. The retro vibe of the photo booth became the jump off point for the printed collateral and icon system detailing all of the incredible jacket technology. The studio designed a hangtag that took on double duty: when removed from the jacket it could be used as a door hanger—ideal for days when you leave your hotel room behind for fresh powder on the hill.





For the Eira™ freeski brand launch, the client needed a memorable photoshoot that would have the catalogue, printed material and online collateral make people take a second look. The campaign would have to reflect the fun-loving, energetic atmosphere of the action sports world, as well as the professional freeskiers that the brand sponsored. All this was hoped to be accomplished with the limited budget that accompanies most start-ups. Eira™ technical outerwear jackets were jam-packed full of technology, and a clever way of showcasing that information in an easy-to-understand way was required. The brand also needed an eye-catching hangtag that would pack a punch. Our studio was ready for the challenge.

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