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Brooks' company mission is "Run Happy"—a motto our team decided to take as a jump-off point for the project. To marry this upbeat motto with the image of 'Toronto Bankers' we drew inspiration from the well-known and well-loved pastime, Monopoly. The studio leveraged the playful attitude of the popular board game and tied back to the Financial District of Toronto, where the race had its finish line. By taking visual cues from the game of Monopoly, we created recognizable and playful graphics that engaged the audience on a variety of age levels. The “monopoly man” served as mascot for this idea, appearing as both a graphic element and a real-life costume (with loose suggestion being made to Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford), and could be found serving Gatorade-martinis at the finish.





The great people at Brooks approached us with an exciting project: an installation for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. The client brief for the STWM Brooks booth was based on a regional specific insight— Toronto as the financial capital of Canada—with a lot of Run Happy tied to it. With the Toronto Stock Exchange, headquarters of large financial institutions all centered around King & Bay Street (not so coincidently where the 5km, half and full marathon converge for the race finish), the client was hoping to highlight what many love and love to hate about the city of Toronto. The general theme we were approached with was “The Bay Street Banker turns Runner”.

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