NO.1 15.12.15

"Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can on it."

– Danny Kaye

RPZN™ outerwear needed a textile design that would stand out from the crowd and make a 'splash' in the competitive action sports market. The brand wanted a design that mimicked paint splatter in mid-air. The final product had to be photo-realistic and come in a variety of colour options. RPZN™ also needed to maintain their on-hill presence, meaning the final design would have to be printed on fully technical, 20,000/20,000 waterproof/breathable outerwear fabric.

This was such a fun project. Our first step was to purchase as much plastic sheeting as we could find in the GTA to protect our photo studio and camera gear. We then got to work mixing paint and experimenting with 'paint-viscosity-to-splash' ratios until we achieved the desired 'splatter consistency'. After a few hours, we realized that in order to create the most dynamic photos, we needed to toss two different colours of paint simultaneously so they could meet in mid-air.

Two days, three gallons of paint and four hundred photos later, we were pieces the elements together in Photoshop to create one of our best-selling prints to date. The process reminded us that in this digital world, sometimes the best results are achieved away from the computer. There's something to be said for those creative days in Kindergarten, where there are no rules and mess is encouraged as opposed to frowned upon.


As a graphic designer, it is so easy to head straight to the computer when a project brief is given. Why waste time sketching when you can simply push the pixels into place? The answer is because the magic is in the sketching, it's in the mess, it's in the brushes and the pencil shavings and all the places without boundaries. The best answers are the ones that create emotional connections and provoke the audience to remember something from their childhood, something from that day in Kindergarten when they were simply allowed to play.

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